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Sarah Porteous

Certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant

Hi there! I am SO glad you're here!!! 

My name is Sarah, and I'm a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant.

I was born and raised in Southern California, up until a few years ago when I decided to do all of life's biggest milestones within a few months of each other. You know, get married, move 2,000 miles away from the only place I've ever lived, get pregnant, buy a house, and get pregnant again! We currently reside in Charlotte, NC.



Ready to FINALLY get some sleep? Let me guide you. Take a look at the packages I offer below and contact me to set up your complementary consultation!


Parents Recommend

Madi D.

My 9 month old was waking up 4-6 times a night. She would scream and cry to the point that I thought something was wrong with her and we would never sleep again. After a horrible week with my best night of sleep being 4 hours total, I got in touch with Sarah. She took the time to get to know us and our schedule, as well as Hallie’s routine and habits. The sleep plan she created for us was easy to understand and implement. Sarah helped us feel confident and ready to start resting again. By night two, our girl was going to sleep without protest and sleeping 11-12 hours at night. I was thoroughly impressed with the support and encouragement that Sarah provided. I would definitely recommend her for all of your baby sleep needs!

Alex N.

Sarah is a perfect coach for parents. She is knowledgeable, encouraging and understanding of different parenting styles. She tailors her plans to each child and family based on their individual needs, instead of giving a blanket program that may not work for some. I would recommend her to any family in need of assistance with their little one’s sleep.

David L.

Our 6 month old boy was not sleeping and we needed help! Fortunately, Sarah was able to come in, get to know us and our baby's habits, and provided us with a game plan. We talked every day for a week, and we tweaked the plan and Sarah provided reassurances, but at the end of a week and a half, our son was sleeping through the night for the first time and his naps improved from 30 minutes to 60-90 minutes. It was an absolute game-changer. I absolutely recommend Sarah if your baby needs help sleeping day or night!